known as morgan cheong
date of birth 7 MAR 1989
alter ego barbara gordon
recruited on 29 JAN 2020
department SNTV
public cover SNTV VJ and producer
threat level undetermined
csa, cv status covert, veiled
clearance L3 (probationary)

special skills research, graphic design, tracking, tech, investigation, archiving.

assessment suspicious of the CSA and currently investigating the organization via SNTV with the special agents running interference. recommendation: continued monitoring.

UPDATED 1/19/21 subject's alter ego is no longer cindy moon but appears to retain her abilities. new alter ego is barbara gordon. exact date of change is unknown.

known abilities - spider physiology
— webs & web-slinging
— claws
— wall-crawling
— superhuman speed
- martial arts

distinguishing marks 5'4", 117 lbs, brown eyes, dark brown hair. occasional claws. no tattoos or known birthmarks.

equipment specialized suit, utility belt, gadgets

preferred missions N/A